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What exactly is trading?

Trading is a fundamental economic concept involving the buying and sale of assets. These might be goods or services, and the buyer compensates the vendor.
In other cases, the transaction may include the exchange of goods and services between the trading partners.

Influencers in cryptocurrency In the crypto industry

The influencer role takes on different typical traits.
He not only draws the audience's attention to goods, technology, or new prospects, but he also can communicate thoughts and solutions in a way that the reader/listener can understand.
He thus acts as a bridge between the layperson's comprehension and the complexities of the technological/financial setting.
In truth, a typical crypto investor does not have the time to keep up with every development in the quickly developing blockchain market.
Furthermore, he would have difficulty distinguishing the important from the insignificant. Influencers are then used to keep their following up to date on market movements in the crypto industry.
This is accomplished through their material for specialist blogs and the most popular social platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Medium, and Facebook.
Influencers usually specialize in a particular area of blockchain.
In that field, they become opinion leaders for their followers, having a considerable impact on the market, for example, during a campaign to raise funds for a new project.