v2 bitcat


Welcome and thanks a lot for coming. For us is a pleasure to recieve you here.
Bitcat Coin ($BITCAT) is soon to launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and will ignite a new wave of utility-based cryptocurrencies. The fundamentals behind $BITCAT are simple: By holding your tokens, you will continue to earn more $BITCAT tokens which will be deposited directly into your crypto wallet. But BITCAT doesn’t stop there.
Several years after the creation of our beloved Bitcoin and the inevitable Ethereum gave birth to one of the largest crypto trading platforms (Binance). We want to continue this development by creating the first social network using Social Tokens. Each member will be able to create their own cryptocurrency, representing their own influence value. Thus, on the Social Tokens, a part is converted into BitCatCoin, then burned.
Our activity will bring cryptocurrency to more people.
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