v2 bitcat


A breakdown of the $BITCAT tokenomics
$BITCAT will fuse passive income earning with an exciting new feature that complements its utility.
The token contract employs a static rewards system—11% of every transaction is divided via:
  • 3% in BNB reflections
  • 3% marketing and development (BNB)
  • 2% salary
  • 2% buyback
  • 1% liquidity pool
An additional 1% on every sell will be added towards the liquidity pool for a total of 12%.
Minimum amount of tokens needed to receive BNB rewards is 5 million BITCAT tokens.


BITCAT Roar is a unique feature wherein a one-hour period will have the buy tax reduced to 3% and sell tax increased to 25%. After the hour is completed, the selling tax will decrease 6% every hour thereafter until it reaches the regular 12% sell tax. The buy tax will immediately increase to the baseline of 11%.

BITCAT Roar Tokenomics

1st Hour of BITCAT Roar Activation:

Buy Tax 3%:
  • 1% liquidity pool
  • 1% marketing and development
  • 1% salary
Sell Tax 25%
  • 8% BNB rewards
  • 5% marketing and development
  • 5% buyback
  • 5% liquidity pool
  • 2% salary

2nd Hour After BITCAT Roar Activation:

Buy Tax 11%
Sell Tax 18%:
  • 5% BNB rewards
  • 4% marketing and development
  • 4% buyback
  • 3% liquidity pool
  • 2% salary

3rd Hour After BITCAT Roar Activation:

Buy and sell taxes revert to baseline of 11% and 12% respectively.
To avoid manipulation, BITCAT Roar will be implemented periodically at the developers' discretion.