v2 bitcat


Social token platform the next gen of crypto world
How would you like to earn crypto or receive a credit reward doing what you do practically all day, every day?
I’m talking about social media. Specifically, Pictomag.
It’s a Future FREE social media, live streaming platform that allows users like you and me to connect. It also revolves around a Digital Point System - which rewards users for engagement on the platform.
I’m talking about the Bitcat Coin which is exclusive to Pictomag.
How exactly does it work? Simple!
Users of the application sign up for the platform and earn DIAMONDS through the use of the app.
You then create content where your viewers can gift you diamonds during your live video.
These diamonds can be redeemed in the form of your crypto token Bitcat. Or, convert it to credit so you can give them away as gifts to others in their streams.
Pictomag users are also able to create user coins that represent their social media presence on the app. These have a variety of functions in the Pictomag app itself, such as Bitcat reward distribution.
Half of the Bitcat earned by the user is distributed proportionally among user coin holders. These user coins will be tradable for Bitcat via internal exchange. User coins are initially available for sale on the Binance sidechain.
Create an account and explore the many live streams Pictomag has to offer. Meet, chat and earn along with other fellow Pictomag users all over the world!